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School Vision, Values and Aims

School Vision


‘Inspirational Learning for Life’

At Godstone Primary and Nursery School we aim to provide the children with inspirational learning opportunities that foster a lifelong love of learning.  The children will develop the knowledge and skills to succeed in life and become valued members of the community.  The following aspirations form the basis of our school’s vision:

  • Children at our school will develop a love of learning through an ambitious curriculum and experiential learning.


  • Children at our school will be able to demonstrate the school’s core values and manage their behaviour positively to enable them to succeed in life.

  • Children at our school will have the tools to develop their self-awareness to enable them to thrive.

  • Children at our school will enjoy a safe environment where they can progress and achieve their full potential.

To achieve our school’s vision and aspirations, we will strive to embed:

  • An ambitious curriculum that engages children and develops a lifelong love of learning.
  • Enriching learning opportunities that allow the children access to practical and creative experiences.
  • The core values of pride, respect, responsibility, ambition and compassion.
  • Positive behaviour management strategies so that the children can manage their own behaviour.
  • The Building Learning Power (BLP) strands of resilience, resourcefulness, reciprocity and reflectiveness to develop a growth mindset and independence in their learning.
  • A culture of positive wellbeing so that children are aware of their strengths and interests to develop their own unique potential.
  • A safe and nurturing environment where safeguarding is paramount and children feel that they’re listened to.
  • Effective systems and processes to enable access to a well organised and a school that is led effectively.


School Values