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Godstone Primary and Nursery School Nursery 


The Nursery has a light, bright, open plan building that has been designed for two, three and four year olds. The furniture and resources enable the children to be independent and able to access high quality learning opportunities.  The children are taught by a qualified teacher and supported by highly skilled teaching assistants.  

Foundations for phonics in Nursery

  • We provide a balance of child-led and adult-led experiences for all children that meet the curriculum expectations for ‘Communication and language’ and ‘Literacy’. These include:
    • sharing high-quality stories and poems
    • learning a range of nursery rhymes and action rhymes
    • activities that develop focused listening and attention, including oral blending
    • attention to high-quality language.
  • We ensure Nursery children are well prepared to begin learning grapheme-phoneme correspondences (GPCs) and blending in Reception

What age children do you take? 

Our Nursery class takes children aged two, three and four years old.  Children may start in Nursery from the term (September, January or April) after their second or third birthday.  Admissions are only at the start of each school term.  Please see our admission policy for more details. 

Children can have a two year old place or a three/four year old place.  We have 4 two year old places and priority is given to children with FEET funding.  FEET funded children automatically get a three year old place, however, children who pay for their two year old place must apply for a three year old place. 

We have 26 places for three/four year old (per day).   

What hours/sessions do you provide? 

Children may have either a 15 hour place or a 30 hour place.  15 hour places are either all day Monday, all day Tuesday and Wednesday morning OR Wednesday afternoon, all day Thursday and all day Friday.   30 hour places are all day Monday to Friday. 

Full days start at 8:45am and end at 2:45pm; however parents can pay for an additional 30 minutes so that children are collected at 3:15pm.  Wednesday mornings are 8:45am to 11:45am.   Wednesday afternoons are 11:45am to 2:45pm (including lunch).  

We are unable to offer individual sessions outside of this pattern. 

If you’re interested in wraparound care from 7:30am until 6:00pm then please contact the school office to register your interest. 


Do I have to pay? 

We take two year old children with FEET (Free Early Education for Two year olds) funding, so if you are entitled to FEET funding then no!  For more details please see:

If you are not entitled to FEET funding then you can pay for two year olds (see admission policy for current prices). 

All three and four year olds are entitled to 15 hours Universal FEE (Free Early Education) funding.  If both parents are working a minimum of 16 hours then you could be entitled to an additional 15 hours, making a total of 30 hours free early education.  More information can be found at:,an%20academy 

You can apply for 30 hours extended free childcare via the government website 

If you’re not entitled to the additional 15 hours then you can pay for these. 

 To find out what help you could get with childcare costs visit this website.

You will only need to pay if you want to take advantage of the extra 30 minutes at the end of each day, and for school dinners. 

Parents are expected to provide all nappies, wipes etc. for children who need them. 

Do you provide lunch? 

Children can either bring a packed lunch or parents may pay for a school dinner.  All meals are eaten in the nursery building. 

What will my child do at Nursery? 

The children will spend the majority of the day engaged in purposeful play.  The children are supported in their play by skilled adults who teach and develop a range of skills with the children as they play. 

We have a vast range of play activities available to the children both inside and outside including: 

  • role play and dressing up 

  • sand and water play 

  • dough to develop imagination and muscles ready for writing 

  • painting 

  • workshop area (junk modelling) 

  • small world e.g. dolls’ house, farm, puppet theatre, train track, cars, animals 

  • musical instruments 

  • mark making and writing area 

  • construction area e.g. blocks, Duplo and large foam blocks outside 

  • ride on toys and bikes 

  • balls, skittles, bats, obstacle courses and outdoor games 

  • nature and gardening areas 

  • balance frame 

The children will be following the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and focus on the prime areas of Communication and Language, Physical Development and Personal, Social and Emotional Development. 

The children will get together for stories, singing and other short carpet times.  They will also spend time in their key person groups, developing their speaking, listening and social skills in small groups. 

What do I do next? 

If you would like more information or to register your interest in a place, please contact the school or 01883 742326.