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Meet the team at Godstone Primary and Nursery School

Staff Name


Ms C Jarrott-Chase Headteacher
Mr N Usher Acting Headteacher
Miss E Hellier Acting Deputy Headteacher
Miss L Skingley SENCo
Mr T Preston School Business Manager
Mrs K Stephens Nursery Teacher
Mrs J Hurst Nursery Teaching Assistant
Miss S Gregory Nursery Teaching Assistant
Miss E Thomas Nursery Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Eekelshet Nursery Teaching Assistant
Miss C Dunn Nursery Teaching Assistant
Miss E Hellier Early Years Lead & Reception Class Teacher
Mrs S Burley Reception Cover Teacher
Miss A Becconsall Reception Teaching Assistant
Mr P Dunford Year 1 Teacher
Mrs S Brown Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs F Quelch Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Miss J Millington Year 2 Teacher
Mrs A Earnshaw Year 2 Teacher
Ms C Jones Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Miss S George Year 3 Teacher
Miss W Dowson Year 3 Teaching Assistant
Miss E Boden Year 4 Teacher
Ms T Edmonds Year 4 Teaching Assistant and Learning Mentor
Mrs C Horne Year 4 Teaching Assistant
Mrs F Leadbetter Year 5 Teacher
Mrs S Quarterman Year 5 Teaching Assistant
Miss E Barwick Year 6 Teacher
Mrs D Rogers Year 6 Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Stokes SALT & Lunch Lead Supervisor
Miss L Easey Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss R Tullett Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs H Dinnage Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs K Eckelschot Lunchtime Supervisor
Ms C Jones Swans Lead
Mrs S Brown Swans Lead
Miss L Easey Swans Playworker
Mrs H Dinnage Swans Playworker
Mrs K Eekelshet Swans Playworker
Mrs H Acraman ELSA
Mrs M Edwards Office Manager
Mrs K Holyoake School Secretary
Mr I Hunt IT Technician
Mr D Stewart Premises Manager