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Our maths curriculum is ambitious and aims to prepare our children for lifelong learning. 

As a school, we offer the children a broad maths curriculum encompassing the three areas of maths – fluency, reasoning and problem solving. Throughout each year, the children build on prior mathematical concepts deepening their understanding thus enabling them to see patterns between all areas of the maths curriculum. Children are provided with opportunities to practise their fluency and recall of a range of mathematical concepts providing them with a rich understanding and skills base to allow them to apply their knowledge in a range of situations and problems. Each lesson is carefully planned and resourced following a clear progression of skills to provide all children with the skills to develop their independence and resilience, deepening their understanding of the maths curriculum.

Through our cultural capital in maths, our children have a secure understanding of the variety of language and vocabulary in maths and it means that they are able to clearly articulate their understanding and mathematical thinking. As a school, we aim to develop a culture where children have a passion for maths, where all staff nurture children’s curiosity, resilience and fluency within the four operations. All staff are enthusiastic about providing our children with the building blocks in maths to have the skills to develop within the subject when they leave our school and go onto further education.                                                                                                   

The aims of our maths curriculum are:

  • to foster a passion for maths enabling children to become independent, resilient and risk takers within the subject
  • to provide opportunities for children to develop their fluency and recall of number facts within the four operations
  • to provide children with a clear progression of skills within maths using concrete, pictorial and abstract representations
  • to ensure that all children have a good understanding of the maths vocabulary used within their year group and prior year groups and support them to use it effectively to articulate their reasoning
  • to fulfil all the requirements of the National Curriculum focusing on fluency, reasoning and problem solving