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Computing is an integral part of our daily lives and at Godstone Primary and Nursery School we want to equip children with the confidence and skills necessary to fully participate in the modern digital world.

Our intent is to;


  • Provide a broad, balanced, progressive, challenging and enjoyable curriculum for all pupils focusing on achieving the expected standard laid out in the National Curriculum
  • To equip pupils with the confidence and skills to use digital tools and technologies throughout their lives
  • To develop the understanding of how to use computers and digital tools safely and responsibly
  • To enhance and enrich learning in other areas of the curriculum using IT and computing


 As a school, we use the ‘Teach Computing’ resources alongside the ‘Education for a Connected World’ framework to support the delivery of the computing and online safety curriculum. 


Further information can be found in our Online Safety policy in the ‘About us’ area and in the Online Safety Progression document.

Curriculum Map


Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2

Year 1

    1. Technology around us


    1. Digital painting


    1. Moving a Robot


    1. Grouping data


    1. Digital writing


    1. Programming animations


Year 2

2.1 Information technology around us


2.2 Digital photography


2.3 Robot algorithms


2.4 Pictograms


2.5 Making music


2.6 Programming quizzes


Year 3

3.1 Connecting computers


3.2 Stop-frame animation


3.3 Sequencing sound


3.4 Branching databases


3.5 Desktop publishing


3.6 Events and actions in programs


Year 4

4.1 The internet

4.2 Audio editing


4.3 Repetition in shape


4.4 Data logging


4.5 Photo editing


4.6 Repetition in games


Year 5

5.1 Sharing information


5.2 Video editing


5.3 Selection in physical computing


5.4 Flat- file databases


5.5 Vector drawing


5.6 Selection in quizzes


Year 6

6.1 Internet communication

6.2 Webpage creation


6.3 Variables in games


6.4 Introduction to spreadsheets


6.5 3D modelling


6.6 Sensing


Useful Online Safety websites